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Venture Horizon Corporation, established in 1985, is a full service product development, marketing and sales organization specializing in ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture. We offer a variety of merchandise in several product categories at competitive prices. Our unique, creative designs have been heralded by every major retailer, catalog house and now ecommerce for nearly three decades.

You have most likely seen our products on the web pages of all the major Internet Retailers for many years. We will continue our commitment to wholesaling our merchandise to these fine companies. In order to offer the consumer a wider choice and enhanced options we now make our products available direct to the consumer. You decide.

Furniture Made in the USA

Mr. President

Mr. President

Importing, once a large part of our focus has given way to domestic production. Every single one of our products in made right here in the USA. We provide factory direct shipping via FedEx Ground right to your door. Because we are active in every phase of the manufacturing and distribution process we are able to guarantee the highest quality materials, products and packaging.

In order to ensure our place among leading RTA furniture manufacturers we work in various mediums including solid hardwoods, MDF, particle board, steel, plastic and glass. Since variety is crucial, we produce our furniture in several finishes like melamine, paper and vinyl. In addition we offer numerous popular colors that change with the seasons as well as with the times.

Venture Horizon Store was established to sell some of our “select” products directly to the consumer. We will also use this venue to introduce new products when they first become available. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us.

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